Dan Borengasser

Dan Borengasser was born in El Campo, TX and raised in Fort Smith, AR, where he attended elementary school and high school, specializing in mischief-making. He received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas and was shocked – literally – to realize that electricity is treacherous and can’t be trusted. Borengasser also completed the course work for a Masters in English at Northern Illinois University and is occasionally able to recall what literary Naturalism is about. NIU was, however, where he met the lovely Mrs. Borengasser, so grad school was actually a fortuitous experience. Borengasser is thankful to have been gainfully employed over the years. He has been a sales engineer for Phillips Petroleum, a sales manager and station manager at several television stations, and vice president of a film and video production company.
Dan Borengasser Author
Borengasser lives in Springdale, AR with his wife Sally (the aforementioned “Lovely Mrs. Borengasser”), who is the author of more than fifty books. Other members of the household have included such notables as Kitty Hodge, who had an impressive collection of dead moles, and Kitty Cobweb, who could magically teleport her cat fur onto your clothes from a distance of fifteen to twenty feet. Over the years, the Borengasser family has also included a remarkable assortment of Fancy Rats, such as Barnes and Noble, two gentlemen rats who enjoyed strawberry yogurt drops and the music of the Pet Shop Boys, and Roxie, a gifted lady rat who was brighter than most children you see in your local market. I believe all of them thought that Borengasser was quite the guy. And who’s to say they weren’t right? In addition to Cat Horoscopes & Other Diversions and Whiskers’ Pond, Borengasser has written science fiction stories, greeting cards, stage plays, and screenplays. He blushes to admit that one of the science fiction stories was nominated for a Hugo and that he has won numerous awards for stage plays and screenplays. Borengasser is quite confident that he has other notable accomplishments, but, for the moment, they escape him.
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